A downloadable game for Windows

No units or fog of war, only four buildings and one resource. Increase your population count by placing civilian buildings and accumulate tax money to expand your civilization. Research new weapons and advanced through 7 stages in the tech tree to unlock the atomic bomb. Attack the enemy civilization while defending your own. Hospitals cure outbreaks, police contain contaminations, and fire buildings clear debris after a nuclear attack. The first civilization to decrease the other civilizations population count to zero wins.

Main Features

  • Three weapon types; biological, chemical and nuclear.
  • Different colored buildings for each side.
  • Adjacent buildings interact with each other.
  • Seven levels make up the whole game.
  • Automatic save points.
  • Single player mode with real-time decision making AI.

Other Features

  • Quick save and quick load during game-play with F5 and F6 keys.
  • Take in-game screenshots with F12 key(saves to ...Appdata/local/)
  • Tutorial


WicKed Arms.zip 3 MB